Breakthrough results for businesses in Africa. Employing a “blank canvas” approach to each project, where growth, sustainability and resilience is not only possible but profitable.

Empowering clients since 2010 by ensuring relevance in the South African and African context. All our services are focused around differentiated growth and breakthrough methodologies for step-changing our clients in the green and inclusive economy. Advisory services (strategy design and project management), Leadership Development (tool-kits, training), Technology Enablement, Collaboration and Strategic Communication – it all forms part of the Blank Canvas offering.

We move organisations from compliance to breakthrough growth in an inclusive and green economy.

…is to activate resilient business performance.

Resilient Business have the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to business risks and opportunities, enabling inclusive growth through trusted collaboration and partnerships.

Business today needs to transition from creating shareholder value in the short term, to creating inclusive value for all stakeholders in the medium to long term.

Sustainable Business in the 21st century will require a shift from business as usual by applying holistic ‘Systems-Thinking’, Value Chain Innovation and Re-design for a Thrivable Future.

Sustainable Development is much more than compliance to the latest Level 4 GRI reporting framework, it is a FUTURE LICENSE TO OPERATE.

Through trusted collaboration, inter- and intra-continental trade, AFRICA can become the continent of choice.

Far reaching vision, long-term commitment


Contributing in all actions towards business and life that is sustainable, resilient and thrivable


Never losing the pioneering spirit, always seeking a way forward to make a net-positive impact


A value is only valued if you are willing to loose money over it


The foundation of our relationships

Blank Canvas International brings together a team of experts which co-creates fit-for-purpose resilient business transformation strategy solutions and enables operationalising these strategies with Client Leadership Teams.

In short – we help business to be nimble,
adaptable, sustainable and successful.

BCI are specialists in co-creating demand-, responsible investor- and value chain-based strategies which are aligned to the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals 2030; IFCC or Equator Principles; NEPAD’s Vision 2063 of a “United States of Africa”; as well as South Africa’s National Development Plan 2030.

THE BCI differentiator: Rapid Strategy Development, Review and Implementation Methodologies:

Rapid – Strategy Development:

  • Resilient Business & Foresight
  • Technology Innovation & Digitalisation
  • Innovation for Growth, Differentiation and Sustainable Business Culture Transformation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Change Leadership
  • Workforce of the Future™
  • Communication

** We package these strategies in an interactive visualisation of detailed implementation frameworks that we call “Roadmaps” in order to facilitate effective implementation.

Rapid – Independent Due-Diligence Reviews:

SUSOP™  : Rapid Sustainable Operations Design and Independent Assurance Review.
NEXT Workforce™: Rapid Human Capital Strategy Design & Independent Assurance Review.

Rapid – Strategy Implementation (Toolkits for Step-Change™):

  • Project and Program Management
  • Framing Business Cases, Project Coaching and Portfolio Management,
  • High-impact Cross Functional / INDUSTRY Facilitation,
  • Innovation, Design-LED and Systems Thinking.

We are recognised across industry for:

  • Co-creating Envisaged Futures (concepts & strategies),
  • Innovative processes and
  • Toolkits for Step Change™,
  • Facilitation of enterprise-wide operationalisation of these strategies by embedding a High Performance Leadership Culture of “Innovation for Growth, Differentiation and Sustainability” for large multinational organisations across industry.
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