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The Sustainability Summit Founders, Leadership Team, Cross Industry Wisdom Board and Strategic Collaborators are excited to announce the next phase of this 5-year-old collaboration platform: On the 27th of September, the first day of this year’s Summit, the African Sustainable Development Association will be launched at the JSE Market Opening event.

Mr Raldu Nel, Chairman of the Summit says: “As the only Sustainability Summit in Africa, we aim to establish an African Sustainable Development Association (ASDA), Centre of Excellence for South Africa and Africa, working towards an inclusive and sustainable economy, benefiting all stakeholders, through collaboration, networks and project implementation.”

The African Sustainable Development Association (ASDA), will be a non-for-profit entity with a board of trustees that will govern the objectives and activities of the Association. The objectives of the African Sustainable Development Association (ASDA) will be:
• To offer a collaboration platform: In order to be truly effective as sustainable development champions, collaboration is key – to share knowledge and partner on projects.
• To broaden the existing idea about sustainability: Awareness is essential if change is the goal, sustainability is much more than clean tech and recycling, it means holistic thinking and planning of strategies, value chains, infrastructure and communities.
• To be a positive force of change in business: To show-case that integrity, sustainable development and inclusive economy is no longer nice-to-haves, it is a key-differentiator.

Over the past three years, the Summit has managed to call together more than seventy-nine (79) programme contributors and more than eighty (80) collaborating companies and established itself as a content provider and content engine. Together with our strategic partners and founding members we have a wealth of thought leadership and content to craft to the needs of our different stakeholder groupings with the purpose of driving the sustainable development agenda.

One of African Sustainable Development Association (ASDA)’s exciting new partners is In On Africa, a media and research company that provides expert research, analysis and competitive intelligence on Africa, in Africa. The team of over three hundred (300) diverse and expert analysts, academics, researchers, social scientists, strategists, statisticians and editors share their tremendous passion for all things African
Together with key stakeholders, anchor collaboration projects will be identified and co-ordinated through-out the following twelve months with the intention to show-case results at Summit 2017.
These projects will include:
• Enhancing public awareness and ownership with regards to Sustainable Development
• Identify and co-ordinate collaborative pre-competative research projects, across the value chain
• Gear high performance leaders and workforce for the future with fit for purpose Toolkits (Including Digitization, IOT, Clean Tech etc)
• Facilitate technology transfer of specialist research in order to transform businesses into sustainable and resilient organisms.
• Facilitate sustainable and resilient infrastructure planning and development

While there are many organisations that drive sustainable development, the collaboration between those organisations are very limited, this association aims to be the vehicle for collaboration and unlocking the potential of networks. Says Raldu Nel, Summit Chair: “One of the key drivers of the Association will be to enhance intra-continental African trade through this collaborative network.” Contact the organisers to ensure your seat.
For more information contact:
Surisa Nel, Summit COO
Tel: 083 459 1907 | Office: 012 844 0136