Events & Comms Service Suite

BCI is excited to announce a new service bouquet. With over 20 years accumulated experience in corporate events and communications experience, the BCI events and comms team are now offering our professional experience to our client base.

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Have you ever been to any of the events that BCI and TLA have hosted over the past seven years? Then you will know what we are about – attention to detail, perfectly executed and professionally delivered with a personal touch and commitment. What you don’t see is the detail planning, budget management and supplier liaison in the background.


  • Sustainable and responsible: Minimum waste, responsibly sourced food, gifts and collateral, socially and environmentally conscious.
  • Any size corporate event, from board-meetings, international guest accommodation and hospitality, team engagements, conferences, awards events etc.
  • We don’t charge a flat rate; we charge a percentage of your allocated events budget, depending on size of event and project hours needed.
  • Key suppliers that will contribute to economic development and social upliftment.

Examples of events we can do:

  • Team training events
  • Team engagement events
  • High-Impact morning sessions
  • Conferences: Sustainability Summit
  • Company photo shoots
  • Year-ends

Examples of our work:


With more than 20 years experience in the SME brand development space, the BCI Comms team understands strained budgets and the need for clear and differentiated branding. We offer our experience and supplier base to start-ups and small to medium businesses infused with our own motto: Live the brand and the brand will live.


  • Price tag according to needs and budget available
  • Services can be bundled or individually rendered
  • Network of excellent and affordable suppliers


  • Rapid brand development for start-ups and SME’s
  • Communications plan crash course (Who is your audience? What do they want or need to hear? How do they need to hear it?)
  • Social media marketing plan crash course: NewsLetter 101, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Buffer
  • Basic web design
  • Brand Ambassador Boot-Camp
  • Personal Branding Workshops
  • Image consulting (Individuals & Teams)
  • Videography

Dedicated, resourceful, connected, experienced, affordable – The BCI team and partners at your service!

Contact us  |  012 844 0136   |  083 4591907

Partners and Suppliers include:

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