With all the services we offer we bring our “blank canvas” philosophy of solution seeking and future focused innovation. We are a dedicated, resourceful team who believe in a personal service and long-term relationships.

Project Management & Strategy Design

Gearing you for growth!
Recognised across industry for leading tech innovation strategies, processes and tool-kits, co-creating envisaged futures (concepts & strategies), as well as facilitating operationalisation of these by embedding a culture of innovation for growth, differentiation and sustainability. Read more..

Leadership Development

Capability Enhancement for the Future WorkForce
For the past three years, Thought Leaders Academy, offered tool-kits for step-change. Practical training that can be applied to work-based challenges. The content is refreshed every year and the topics include innovation, sustainability, communication, creativity, leadership and strategy.

Tech Enablement

Innovative tools that empower
A successful technology strategy is first and foremost a people strategy. BCI has access to technological tools and systems that is on the cutting edge of tech trends. These include internet of things, traceability, sustainability, innovation and workforce of the future. Read more…

Responsible Events

Recourseful, Conscious, Affordable
Focusing on responsible sourcing, strategic objectives and reputation building. We are all about attention to detail, perfectly executed and professionally delivered with a personal touch and commitment. Add to that the detail planning, budget management and supplier liaison in the background and you have a winning combination. Read more…

Rapid Communication Services

High Impact, Solutions Based, Client Centered
With more than 20 years experience in the SME brand development space, we understand strained budgets and the need for clear and differentiated branding, swiftly done and elegantly executed, infused with our own motto: Live the brand and the brand will live. Read more…

Collaboration Network

Collaboration Network

Collaboration Network

True sustainability is only possible with collaboration throughout a value chain, cross-industry and cross-sector. With the African Sustainable Development Association and the Sustainability Summit, BCI and partners have established a thriving, active collaboration community. Read more…