This is our story…

If you can start over and draw your dream on a blank canvas, what would all the opportunities be?

Facing new and unusual challenges, trying to cope with economic, ecological and social realities, business as usual will not help you grow and unlock potential. You need a fresh perspective, an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative space to design your road-map that will make your vision a reality.

Blank Canvas Int was born out of a true passion for South Africa and a real vision to apply our expertise and experience to help grow the South African economy. For the past seven years we have done this by empowering clients with project management and strategy design, tool-kits, technology, training and collaboration.

We ensure that organisations stay relevant and move them from compliance to growth in an inclusive and green economy. All the while, applying the holistic lens of the 6-Capitals view of a balanced project portfolio ensuring a positive legacy on people, planet and profit.

Business today has the opportunity to make a difference and lead by example while being profitable, sustainable and thrivable. BCI help clients to unlock the potential.